Animal Illustrations

Most of these studies are in chalk pastel.

Animals are always good subjects;  Dogs are particular favorites, and quite a number have been persuaded to pose.

Bob the Whippet adopts a regal stance...

... and Reggie the Cavapoo is quite composed.

Murphy the black Labrador was a happy puppy...

... and loves swimming - particularly when he is retrieving his ball from a local lake

- although he does now have a more mature outlook on life.

Puppies do grow up quickly; Labradoodle Marley is growing fast, from a small energetic bundle of fun at 3 months...

and she's an equally lively youngster at 6 months.

Poppy the Labradoodle isn't at all amused by having to pose.

[this one is in acrylic, on board]

and Tibetan Terrier Rosie just waits for it all to go away.